Frequently Asked Questions

The legal industry is competitive, and clients have many choices. To stand out, it is imperative that you communicate who you are on a personal level, why you and your colleagues do the work that you do, and what makes your firm unique as a provider of legal services. A legal brand video provides an extraordinary opportunity to generate awareness, enhance your firm’s branding, and amplify overall marketing and business development efforts.
Investing in a legal brand video makes good sense no matter the size of your firm or your budget. Hereby produces cinematic-quality short videos that showcase your values, strengths, and personality. These are lasting characteristics; your video will remain relevant and engaging for years to come. Compared to other forms of marketing that require an ongoing expenditure, the one-time investment in a legal brand video is highly cost effective.
Typically, a project takes 4-6 weeks from initial client interview to final product. Early in the process, we spend time on strategy, story development, and scripting. The actual filming will generally be completed in one to two days. Once we complete filming, we move to the post-production editing and finishing process. You should see an initial cut of the film within 10 days of filming.
Our pre-production procedures are comprehensive to ensure we go into the video shoot with a specific course of action, script, and shot list. We are diligent about remaining on schedule during production. We set up and break down equipment quickly between shots to be non-disruptive to lawyers and other office staff. Our on-camera interview process is thorough but also well-structured and efficient so you can get back to work and remain focused on important client matters. Through this deliberate approach, we capture the footage and messaging needed to tell your story, while disrupting you and your clients as little as possible.
It is not unusual to feel uncomfortable with the prospect of being filmed. We take the time to get to know your story before the cameras begin to roll, and we strategize and synthesize your core message together. On the day of filming, you will be prepared to communicate in an effective and comfortable way that ensures you deliver your intended story and message.
You. It is important to you—and to us—that we get it right and that you are excited about the result.
• You will be involved in the initial strategy and story development process.
• You will have final sign-off on themes and scripting prior to filming.
• You will have the opportunity in post-production to provide feedback during three editing rounds.

There are many ways to use video to communicate about yourself and your firm. A legal brand video is an excellent way to convey your story to website visitors. Typically, these videos last between 2-3 minutes, which we have found to be the ideal length to convey your story comprehensively, but also concisely enough to keep viewers engaged.

In addition to legal brand videos, we produce shorter video content, which may include individual attorney profiles, practice group profiles, client testimonials, educational content, and other more specific subject matter.
The final video product is yours to keep and use as you wish. Hereby retains ownership of the raw footage—that is, all footage created during the video shoot before it is edited into the final product. This raw footage may also include material not used in the final video. We will make the additional raw footage available for future projects, or you may purchase the footage outright for an additional fee at any time.

Yes. Our video marketing team is uniquely qualified to work with you and help build awareness for your firm. You are not obligated to work with Hereby to market videos we create together. But if you decide you are interested in our marketing services, our team is highly disciplined and analytical in our approach to channel selection, ongoing monitoring, and A/B testing to manage your marketing investment wisely.

If you wish to learn more about how we might work together, we are happy to discuss your needs and objectives and provide a proposal that outlines the full scope and duration of any potential collaboration. Please note, Hereby only provides video marketing services to existing clients who have worked with Hereby to produce original video content.
Yes. Social media is an excellent way for your firm to share your video with potential and existing clients as well as others in the legal industry.
It can. Video has the potential to support your firm’s SEO efforts, particularly if you produce quality content regularly. Hereby offers cost-effective annual content packages to align with your SEO initiatives.
We are based in California but we work with clients nationwide. We apply our pricing consistently across all 50 states. Pricing is all-inclusive to keep things simple, transparent, and fair. For additional fees, we provide services to international firms as well.
Yes. We respect that lawyers must comply with various regulations and restrictions in connection with any marketing activity. Our legal video marketing services are appropriate for lawyers in all 50 states. If you have a specific concern, please contact us.