Who We Are


Every attorney has a personal story about why he or she chose to practice law. Each lawyer has their own personality and entered the profession with passions and the desire to make an impact. At Hereby—a video marketing agency founded by a lawyer, for lawyers—our team of storytellers and videographers engage with you during the interview process to discover the texture and storylines underlying those motivations. We then craft narrative-based short films to convey your personality, experience, and expertise.  Meet our team.



Our first objective is to understand who you are on a personal level—what motivates you and what makes you the preferred choice for clients so we can distill your firm’s unique value and define your market positioning. This perspective informs our visual storytelling process and ensures that your video’s themes, storylines, and messaging are fully aligned with your firm’s marketing strategy.


Once we have defined your strategic positioning, it is time to tell your story. This is where the real fun begins—we craft a cinematic experience that will engage visitors to your website and your social media followers. All members of our team are accomplished storytellers, from the producers and cinematographers to the writers and editors.

Man creating statistics in modern office. He working on digital devices while sitting at table and turning back to camera


A story told but not heard is of little value. Because reaching your intended audience is a science, once we’ve created your branding video, our digital marketing team develops a comprehensive marketing strategy to share your story. Using qualitative and quantitative feedback, we ensure that your campaign is well-received and cost-efficient.


Above all, we are committed to serving you. We work exclusively on behalf of the legal community because this distinct focus leads to better outcomes for our clients, and allows for the precise messaging the legal industry requires. Our team knows firsthand how crucial details are to producing exceptional work, remaining fully compliant, and ensuring you are delighted with the results of our collaboration.